Executive Board

Dale Zorn
Executive Director

Carl Cramer
Assistant Executive Director
Downtown Manager

Sue Pickens

Kim Kaus-Wirth
Chairman, Ida High School Craft Show

Nicole Galloway

Roger Wirth
Coordinator, Downtown Operations

Cindy Zorn
Director, Commemorative Concert
Coordinator, Green Room

Kelly Gotha
Director, Stage Entertainment
Coordinator, Partner tent

Stephine Gabriel
Chairman, Prince of Peace Craft Show

Kim Diven
Chairman, Christmas Mall

Matt LaVoy
Chairman, Parade of Lights

Jim Gotha
Director, Television Parade Floor

Cheryl Wassus
Chairman, Holiday Hounds on Parade

Cindy Bolley
Director, Social Media

Holden Turner

Diane Cramer
Chairman, Souvenir Sales

Lizzie Wirth
Member at Large

Barb Turner
Member at Large

Christmas in Ida

Christmas in Ida Committee of the Whole Staff, Chairmans, Coordinators

Valerie Gunn, Director, Parade Narration
Bruce Diven, Coordinator, Ida Christmas Mall
Suzanne Krueger, Coordinator, Story Time with Mrs. Claus
Ally Heinzerling, Chairman, Flurries for the Kids Family Show
Jessica Martell, Co-Chairman, Flurries for the Kids Family Show
Lisa Opfermann, Chairman, Residents and Business Decorating Contest
Jennifer Black, Co-Chairman, Light-up the Night Fun Run
Anita Roberts, Co-Chairman, Light-up the Night Fun Run
Barb Turner, Co-Chairman, Welcome Center
Suzanne Krueger, Coordinator -Storytime with Mrs. Claus
Jim Jacobs, Coordinator, Parade Line-up, Staff Kiwanis
Mike Gunn, Coordinator, Parking
Jason Breitner, Co-Coordinator, Parking
David Thompson, Coordinator, Parade Sound System
Ryan Kisonas, Co-Coordinator, Parade Sound System
Jennie Burt, Chairman – Holiday Art on the Avenue
Carl Arnold, Liaison, Ida Vol. Fire Department
Holly Zorn, Co-Chairman, Holiday Art on the Avenue
Kristin Michalkiewicz, Co-Chairman, Holiday Art on the Avenue
Laurie Althaus, Director, Photography
David Farrell, Assistant Director, Photography